May time

31 Songs times 2 black kohl ikea geranium baseball cap sauce bottle bathroom windowsill Coventry May 2015

It’s been a busy, busy week on the drawing front and my scruffy standards have been dragged upwards by the seriously high competition on the Every Day in May challengers on Flickr.    These pictures here were mostly done in the house or the back garden but there was an ace trip to Coventry for an organised sketchcrawl on Saturday. I managed to completely miss the group in the morning but stumbled into the Cathedral and surreptitiously got the paints out in one of the chapels. And then there was an excellent hour long tour, full of gossipy detail from one of the cathedral guides. Finally meeting up with the other sketch-crawlers was lovely as we warmed up and compared notes in the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery. I had next to nothing to show at that point but things picked up in the afternoon painting the panorama around the Cathedral  from the comfort of the Herbert. I didn’t really spill all my green painting water on the floor. That wasn’t me.

What have I learnt this week? Well, don’t be afraid to use a ruler and oh yes, a rubber. You won’t lose your credibility and your picture won’t look as scruffy. Hold back on the bilious colour combos. Beware of the charms of photoshop. It’s all too obvious in the hands of the novice. And finally, don’t underestimate the effect of some properly tidy handwriting. And on a shopping note, there is no law that says you have to buy stuff in Ikea if you go to Coventry. It really isn’t necessary.

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One thought on “May time

  1. Buying stuff in Ikea is totally compulsory. 🙂

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