Every Day in May

brass jug envelope watercolour toothbrush copy toaster tree nutmeg jar curtains walkers crisps I joined this Flickr Group after reading a blog entry from KatharineTyrell at Making a Mark and I’m very glad I did. The standard and creativity of the other posters has made me step back and re-think what I’m doing. Best of all, it’s driven me to the cupboard of neglected and untouched art materials. The ‘unsullied’, if you like. The ‘bought and barely used’ brigade. The daily tasks might appear like sketching for the housebound but I guess it’s what you make it. Just because I haven’t gone any further than the living room and kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t go out and meet the world. I’ve learnt a few things this week while doing these little pictures: don’t copy bags of crisps off the internet – go out and buy your own. Don’t paint your toothbrush with what looks like puddle water. Draw your toaster, if you must, but try planning it first so that it doesn’t look ridiculous. Drawing ink is much better than pigment liners. That expensive stash of acrylic ink is worth dusting off and using. Beware the lure of red ink if you want to avoid that abattoir vibe. It’s been a week of happy picture-making. I’m looking forward to a bit more international nosey-parkering and seeing what the other 500 members of the group are up to.

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